VTRON Demo Center

VTRON was established in 2002. VTRON’s world class demonstration center is the largest display systems demo center in the world. Currently, it showcases 14 sets of display systems for mission-critical control room video wall solutions, conference room solution, Visualization Interactive System (VIS) etc. All video wall systems are deployed with Digicom® 5000 and Fiber KVM EaseCon video wall processors that demonstrates popular configurations found in traffic control, energy and utilities, security and military, public emergency centers and broadcasting sectors.

LED-lit DLP™ rear projection cube video walls

  • 70″ with 5 rows x 10 Col
  • 70″ in 1row x2 Col
RGB Laser DLP™ rear projection cube video walls
  • 70″ 2×3
Indoor LED video walls
  • P1.19 Flip COB LED wall
  • P1.6 Full-HD SMD LED wall
  • P1.56 COB LED wall
LCD video walls
  • 2 sets of 55″ 4×4
  • 55″ 2×3

Demonstration Center Location: No. 233 Kezhu Road, Guangzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Guangzhou Science City), Guangzhou 510670, China

  •  Over 15,000 projects over the world
  • Around 900 staffs
  • Factory area: 27,000 sqm
  • Total area: 100,030 sqm

VIS allows to control video wall signals with a mobile device

VIS interface close up

Central command and control center

5x10 70" LED-lit DLP™ rear-projection cubes

Secondary command center

2x3 70”RGB Laser DLP™ rear projection cubes

Military command and control room:

  • 70″ 3×3 LED-lit DLP™ rear projection cube video wall
  •  55″ 2×3 LCD video wall
  •  67″ 1×2 interactive LED-lit DLP™ rear projection video wall