Control Room Management Software Suite

Control Room Management Software Suite

VSI offers a complete solution for the control room signal and display management.

VSI is a leading suppliers rarely supplying video wall display with control room and broadcast grade signal processing platform, together with a wide range of visualization and Collaboration software which are consistently geared towards the specific requirements of the most diverse fields and scale of application.

With more than 20+ years experience, we have been designing and producing integrated solutions which incorporate not only the display hardware and the controllers for managing video walls or individual monitors but also the Control Room Management Software Suite and control room Console management with Fiber KVM Systems.

ICVP Intelligent Convergence Visualization Platform

Intelligent Convergence Visualization Platform (ICVP) is a powerful software platform that integrates information acquisition, comprehensive processing, dispatching and distribution, visual presentation, and system monitoring functions in the command center ecosystem. It can quickly implement the inter-department and inter-hierarchical information sharing, develop multi-screen and multi-terminal joint application and collaboration, improve the centralized control service rate of the command center system and equipment, and contribute to intelligent, flat, and integrated combat command.

  • Visualized control with preview and live-view
  • Separated UI for engineering and operators
  • Support both C/S and B/S architecture
  • Signal KVM and annotation
  • Organize the resource on Magic Processor more eciently
  • Display high-resolution industrial apps
  • Application control with KVM
  • DIY dashboard with ease

Encode and cast the followings on video wall:

  • Single desktop, multiple desktops of one host
  • Ultra high-resolution virtual screen
  • APP windows, super banner
  • Mobile device desktop
  • Record and store the entire video wall display
  • Unified management of recording and replay
  • Audio recording and replay


ICVP-OneControl (Integrated centralized control software) is application software of integrated monitoring, management, and control for the display system in command center. It provides integrated and intelligent display control application system for command center.

Product Features

Visualized Control

。Signal preview
。Video wall live view
。Touch interaction
。Signal KVM and annotation
。Application control
。Mode and plan/Autorun scheduling

Central Control Management

。DIY Control interface
。Equipment control configuration
。Component and template library
。Process and scenario management
。Video wall resource control

Visualized Operation & maintenance

。Automatically generating equipment network topology
。Real-time monitoring status of hardware equipment
。Visualized statistical data such as graph and chart
。Real-time showing online warning/alarm information

Video Platform Management

。Video platform signal access
。Real-time on demand of camera signals
。PTZ control of camera signals
。Control of IPC decoder