PRODUCT overview

Your Visualization Needs

VSI offers wide range of audio visual products including various video walls and large display collaboration solutions to fullfull your visualization needs.

Video Wall Processors

Video wall processors (or video processors) are advanced signal routers that that take several inputs and create or composite them together into a single image, which can then be output to a grid of synchronised displays (a videowall). 

Video Wall Collaboration Software

Video wall software enables uses to control, view, present and collaborate easily in the simplest way.

Video Wall Controllers

Video wall controllers enable the output to multiple displays and allow those displays to be controlled and coordinated in interesting ways including additional control over the content, layout and configuration of the video wall.

COB LED Video Walls

Indoor LED tile video display is perfect for seamless display in control rooms, auditoriums, high-end conference rooms, broadcasting studios and shopping centers.

DLP Rear Projection Video Walls

LED rear-projection video walls are made up of video wall display cubes. This type of video walls are designed for demanding 24/7 critical control room applications of broadcasting studios and control room markets such as traffic control, energy and utilities, security and military, and public emergency operations centers.

LCD Video Walls

Professional-grade LED backlight LCD flat panels offers ultra-narrow bezel widths that they are ideal to form a near-seamless tiled large video wall display system.

AV Signal Distribution and Control

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AV Over IP

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Public Address Systems

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, an amplifier and loudspeakers allowing a person to speak to a large public.

Interactive Display Systems

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